A year ago I moved across the country to teach.  I was ready for a change and I wanted to be a part of something bigger then myself.  I was going to go teach in a typically underserved area that can be difficult to staff, and even better for me I would escape the cubical walls.  I knew […]

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Better not Bitter

Each of us goes through pain and struggle in our lives. It seems that pain and struggle is a right of passage into adulthood. I see those things as something like a gym exercise.  You see, each time you have a hard day there is a choice to make.  Do you learn from it, grow […]

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The pain today

You are not alone.  You know who you are, those who are a part of this club of pain, those who are missing someone today they should have been able to hold. You, yes you are not alone and you are loved. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my Mother and appreciate the wonderful life […]

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The joy they bring

Some would say having my four legged family flies in the face of simplifying my life. They require space,  food, vet visits, and let’s be honest they make some of the smelliest messes you could imagine. The joy they bring into my life is worth every mess.   Kaleah came home only a few weeks before my […]

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You got in!

The amazing words, “It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that you have been selected for admission to the Master of Science in Education.”  These are words I have been hoping to hear and thought I was ready for.  You see the last 18 months of my life can only be described as […]

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A day of rest

Call it the Sabbath, the day of rest or sabbat the fact remains that very few people take a day of rest any more.  There are some people who hold this tradition true to their heart because of their religion but most people I know don’t really take time to rest. As a first year teacher […]

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