The joy they bring

Some would say having my four legged family flies in the face of simplifying my life. They require space,  food, vet visits, and let’s be honest they make some of the smelliest messes you could imagine. The joy they bring into my life is worth every mess.   Kaleah came home only a few weeks before my wedding. Not the easiest time for a new puppy, but life isn’t always about easy it is about facing what comes to you. Let’s be totally honest, those little puppy wiggles, kisses and love have a way of digging straight into your heart. I can’t believe it has already been 6 years.  Time is so precious and moves so fast.

Destiny on the other hand was a foster who stayed for a year before we realized she had already found her home.  Destiny was shy, scared, skittish and standoffish when she first arrived after having received her heartworm treatment.  She even came with her share of intestinal parasites which was a learning curve all of it’s own.  It took my husband more then 6 months for her to let him pet her, though we did move slowly to build trust.  Strangers rarely got to be in the same room because Destiny would and could hide with the best of them. Today though, she regularly greets me with wagging tail, I get snuggles often, and most days she’ll even give kisses to her family. She’ll even remind you when it’s time to walk or time to eat.  Seeing how far she has come brings a smile to my face. She was not the dog I would have picked for myself but she certainly picked us and I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine life without her.

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Both dogs have truly needed very little other then time and attention.  In honesty, most of us need far less ‘things.’ We also wish there was more time.   The more I simplify my belongings, simplify my life schedule by making space for what I truly want to do, and the more I focus on my priorities, the more I can pour into the things that really bring me joy.  My pups need very little from me.  They need time, love, food and beyond that it’s all icing on the cake  I strive to pour the same time and attention to everyone in my family. Happy Birthday Kaleah and Happy Gotcha day Destiny.  Thank you for reminding me to live in the moment and helping me to see the joy you bring to every day.


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