You got in!

crossroads-1580168_960_720The amazing words, “It is my pleasure and privilege to inform you that you have been selected for admission to the Master of Science in Education.”  These are words I have been hoping to hear and thought I was ready for.  You see the last 18 months of my life can only be described as course correction.  I spent some time lost about what I truly wanted in my future.  Only recently have I begun to feel like I have both my feet on the ground and I am ready to start driving upward instead of barely surviving or even worse, settling.

The surprise that met me was the realization that my excitement about being accepted to the masters program at Johns Hopkins was shortly followed with great trepidation.  I realize I’ve been working to straighten out my life values and put them in order in my daily life.  Working on things that make me happy has been my focus and I know to do that I need to spend time with my family uninterrupted by the ‘noise’ of the outside.  Another thing I need to do is spend time with myself in peace and calm and maintain my goal of being debt free.  Two years ago I couldn’t sit still long enough to quiet my mind, but now I find if I don’t get that time I am far less effective in my daily tasks.  I also know I need to be doing work I can feel good about, and I can absolutely do that where I work now.

To decide this I knew I needed to be clear on my short term struggles vs long term goals.  Short term I know this will be an additional thing that will cause a shift in my life balance.  I also know long term this will allow me to be a better teacher and I take pride in my desire to be an effective and good teacher.  Short term I am already feeling the stress of applying for scholarships, getting everything set up for fall term, and also finishing out this school year.  I also know my options for my future will become more open and exciting and more in line with my values if I finish this degree.  I also know being more effective at my job will likely reduce my overall stress.  As with any decision I know I need to be 100% invested so it is with excitement and some nerves I will jump in head first (like I always seem to do) and learn everything I can from my masters.  I will need to be even better at finding simplicity so I can stay balanced while I accomplish this task.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “You got in!

  1. Hey, you and I seem to be on parallel paths in different programs (and writing about similar things). If you ever need a reminder that other people are plowing through the craziness of education to hit me up, or pop on over to my blog and strike up a conversation (I try to keep pretty close tabs on when people comment and remember to reply). Good luck with your program!


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