It began with a pair of pants

They were black and the hook to keep them closed had finally pulled out.  They were also 10 years old and I had 5 other pairs that all fit better then this one did.  I also had 4 tan ones, 2 pairs of grey work pants and 5 pairs of jeans.  Don’t even get me started on the shorts, workout clothes, lounge wear or pajamas, Nope, these are just work clothes.

The thought of throwing them away caused fear inside and yet I knew I didn’t actually need another pair of black pants.  I decided to try to live without them for a week, then a month, and then I realized I didn’t even really miss them.  It turned out I like having just that little bit of space more then one more pair of pants.  I couldn’t help but ask myself, if the space for one pair of pants made me feel a little better, what if I donated the clothes I hadn’t worn since I moved.  Six bags of clothes donated later, I can finally breath when I look in my closet. Forget about breathing, I can actually see all of my clothes.

Reality check, this isn’t my first journey into simplifying my surroundings, but the last month has proven to be the snowball into creating a space I can relax in and feel so much better.  I won’t say I am a true minimalist as some people search for, but I can say I am finding more and more peace in my home.  I am finding space in my life one shelf, one closet, and one move at a time.  This weeks project was my bathroom linen closet.  I have to say I feel pretty good about the results.  The blue bag on the floor is filled with the use them before you buy more items.  In time my home is starting to feel calm.  17965579_10104309493662259_823910816_n.jpg17965279_10104309493642299_1782019212_n.jpg


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