A day of rest

Call it the Sabbath, the day of rest or sabbat the fact remains that very few people take a day of rest any more.  There are some people who hold this tradition true to their heart because of their religion but most people I know don’t really take time to rest.

As a first year teacher I haven’t had much spare time but I realized very shortly into second quarter that I needed to make a point of unplugging from the stress for 24 consecutive hours every week.  It turns out that I am so much more present for my students and my family when I do that.  Religion doesn’t dictate that for me, but I am so thankful that I had friends and even coaches during my cross-country years that introduced me to the concept.  We all need time off!

It can mean time to get to that project I have been waiting for. It can be time to just talk, relax, take a nap or a walk with my hubby.  It sometimes looks like us working on the yard at my Dad’s house, working out, or even a few hours at the beach.  What we do isn’t as important as it being an uninterrupted time for me to step away from the pressures of work and everything else.  During that time every week if whatever is suggested isn’t something I absolutely want to accomplish, I don’t do it.

I have noticed that my house is cleaner, my work gets done with more focus, I spend less time on the work because I haven’t diluted my focus, and I have the energy to workout again.  I can’t quite put my finger on the why but I do know that somehow stepping away for at least 24 hours has given me so much more time.  What would you do if you took 24 consecutive hours away every week?


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